Pet Rescue Saga level 080

Pet Rescue Saga Level 80

STRATEGY PIC, lvl 80:                                                             1. Match the reds at the right hand side.
2. Click at the spring that was above the red blocks. That will remove he blue block, so you can click the left hand spring to remove the remaining steel block under the left hand key.

Target: Save 4 pets and get at least 31000 points. 

TIP:  Keys unlock only blocks that are visible on the screen, so you need to wait until they are all there.In level 80 you can unlock the second key once you are down to having 16 rows left in the game, not before.


You do not necessarily need any Block Buster Boosters to pass Level 80, the good thing, if you play without the hammers, is that you’ll find out that you need to replay quite soon, if that is the case.

You need to start pout with getting the LEFT HAND KEY to break. Then look to it, so that the right hand key falls as straight down as possible, with the steel block under it. Build up the Column Rocket Blaster by matching as many blocks needed. then use it to crush the second key.

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