Pet Rescue Saga Level 1056

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1056 with tips and tricks by the helpful Pet Rescue Saga Help Group Admins and awesome Members.

This video walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 1056 will give you some cheat peaks for solving Level 1056 by yourself, use the pause function to stop the video if it goes to fast.
Requirements for Level 1056: Save 12 pets and get at least 3000 points. Good Luck solving Pet rescue Saga Level 1056! :-)

TIPS FOR PET RESCUE SAGA LEVEL 1056: have to be honest and say this level really depends on which board you will get – how many Line Blasts or/and viruses will you get in the middle. We want more Line Blasts of course ;). So it may take you few lives – don’t worry I was there also…waiting for the right board. Try to get several pets at the bottom then use the Line Blast…if possible of course. You will save few pets without using the Line Blast, even virus if it spreads around enough can be of big help. When you have a virus at the bottom and Line Blast above – you need to charge the hammer and make a match with the virus in order to release the Line Blasts. You need it, especially for metal blocks that will show up above some of your pets.