Pet Rescue Saga Level 1090

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1090 with tips and tricks by the helpful Pet Rescue Saga Help Group Admins and awesome Members.

Requirements for Level 1090: Save 6 pets and get at least 3000 points. Good Luck solving Pet rescue Saga Level 1090! :-)

This video demonstration embedded (pet rescue level 1090 walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga) for Level 1090 will give you really good hints, tricks and tips as an example on how to pass Pet Rescue Saga Level 1090.

IMPORTANT!!! Line blasters drop ONLY in the two middle columns at this hideously hard Pet Rescue Level (lvl 1090)!

TIPS: It is little hard to explain, but hope tips with watching  a video below will do the trick. My way of clearing this hard levels was, to move the entire board to the left side, 2 lines, so that pets from the right side move in the middle of the board, in 2 lines where Line Blasts show up. You can do this if the Line Blast is at the top and no wire is below in that line. This way you can save 2 pets and other 2 you will save if you get next Line Blasts at the bottom and use it when its showing direction where you need it. Don’t worry if you remove right butterfly as you probably won’t need it and if you will need it, very often another butterfly will show up somewhere on the board. If you saved 4 or 5 pets and you have moves left, a good thing would be to concrete to get as many blocks in the same color as butterflies are and remove the wire from it of course, to use the balloons on those blocks. This way you have big chance to save last one or 2 pets with butterflies and your last move. But who cares if it will be the last move, as long as you finish this hard level right ?

This is a cheat peaking video demo to help you solve Pet Rescue Level 1090 by yourself, pause the video if the gaming is too fast to cover all the moves and turns.

Do not forget that the BUTTERFLIES are more efficient if removed as big clusters! GOOD LUCK WITH 1090!