Pet Rescue Saga Level 1256


Pet Rescue Saga Level 1256 with tips and tricks by Pet Rescue Saga Help Group Admins and awesome Members.

Important thing is to get nice sets of blocks that, then you can remove slowly and thinking 2 steps forward. You need to move the board down little by little, trying not to use Line Blasts if you have any blocks to match of course. When you reach the bottom, try to work from the middle, see if top left and top right blocks have any possibility to be matched…like we did in our Pet Level 1256 using no boosters.

This video walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 1256 will give you some cheat peaks for solving Level n/a by yourself, use the pause function to stop the video if it goes to fast.

Requirements for Level 1256: Save pets. GL w/ Pet rescue Saga Level 1256! :-)