Pet Rescue Saga level 131

Pet Rescue Saga Level 131, written guides and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: Save 4 pets + 5000 points

TIP: Keep the metal boxes as level as you can.Pop the balloon to start the wooden cages and springs (line blasters) dropping.Don’t worry if your spring will not land on the same level as the metal boxes, click on the spring as it is dropping past the row to blast them away!
Remove the spiky things that have come together once the metal box was blasted.use final spring to drop the key.OR, continue to clear blocks on the right until all the ones on the left have changed to spiky, then click them all away in one go. Keep the next row of metal boxes straight also.Pop the balloon and get the spring dropping. Take out the next row of metal boxes. And as much of the third row of boxes as you can. Don’t worry if you cannot unlock the next key, or if some pets are still caught at the bottom, you only need to rescue four out of six (and get enough points) to pass.