Pet Rescue Saga Level 1422

Pet Rescue Saga Level 1422 with tips and tricks by the helpful Pet Rescue Saga Help Group Admins and awesome Members.

This video walkthrough for Pet Rescue Saga Level 1422 will give you some cheat peaks for solving Level 1422 by yourself, use the pause function to stop the video if it goes to fast.
Requirements for Level 1422: Clear 100% of the blocks and get at least 3000 points. Good Luck solving Pet rescue Saga Level 1422! :-)

TIPS FOR PET LEVEL 1422: remove blocks to move the board down. when you reach the middle, slide blocks to the left side so pain can “fall down” from metal block.Remove as much as you can blocks at the bottom – between cold and warm bomb, but not all. Now next part is little tricky. You need to have one block between bomb and cold bomb and 2 blocks in the middle of cold and warm bomb below metal block – this way you will remove metal block with the bomb and only paint can will stay if you need it to color blocks between cold and warm bomb. the remaining blocks you can remove when you use the bombs