Pet Rescue Saga Level 164

Pet Rescue Saga Level 164, written guides and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: 100% of blocks  + 25000 points

TIP:  This level is the introduction of the paint brush booster.You’ll get a free one to try out at the beginning of the level, but it can be completed without using one also.First, get the keys down and get them open if possible (you’ll need at least one to move down the board at this stage)The next locked block is a single one in the left column, it has a metal and mesh block on it, so you need to drop this as soon as possible.Once it is down, you can make matches beside it to break the metal, then the mesh. Try to hang onto your balloons as long as possible in this game as it’s more advantageous to pop them toward the end of the game once all blocks are visible.