Pet Rescue Saga Level 169

Pet Rescue Saga Level 169, written guides and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: save 9 pets + 34000 points

TIP: Your first aim in this level is to completely clear one of the outer columns by matching blocks beside the mesh as quickly and efficiently as possible, and popping a balloon of the correct colour as soon as a block is cleared.Once the two pets have toddled off to safety (and only then), your next match will bring down a pet in the middle section, so click there next.As each of these pets in the middle reaches the bottom, the very next click you do will send another one down.So, try to free the two pets from the other outer column, at the same time as working on getting the pets in the middle to drop.Once you have rescued the other two from the side column, more than one pet will drop at a time.It is not easy to do in the limited moves!