Pet Rescue Saga level 237

Pet Rescue Saga Level 237

Target: Save 5 pets  

For this level you need to work on rescuing the two pets in the outer columns, while building up points to make rockets for the middle pets.
When you get the rockets, there is a specific number of swipes you need to do with the rocket on the three middle columns to release the pets in the centre.

The one in the middle needs to be ‘rocketed’ twice, then both the columns either side of it.
Do not attempt to clear these middle blocks until they are all clear.
Then you can just click the matches and rescue the pets.

The trick to getting the points you need in this level is to use the paint cans to create large groups of the one color.
If you repaint a block the same color as your paint, it will make it a x2 block and double your score.
Resist using the cans immediately and try to get at least two cans of the same color paint to join.

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