Pet Rescue Saga Level 289

Pet Rescue Saga Level 289

Rescue 5 Pets

The method used here for completing level 289, was to release the pets first by getting their carriers together.
While doing this, try to remove as much mesh and metal from the bottom row as possible, and drop the pets so that they are opposite the line blasters in the first column.
Then, with the first rocket, wait until the line blaster springs are facing right and set the rocket off in their column.
The pets in every second row need to slide to the left to be freed, this is quicker and easier to do now the pets are at the bottom of their rows.
Use line blasters and rockets to clear the columns to the left of the pets, and get them sliding.
An important thing to note at this stage is that there must be no mesh blocks in a column to clear it completely, (unless a column completely clears, it will not slide)

5 thoughts on “Pet Rescue Saga Level 289

  1. 289 is killing me….. the video is for rescuing only 5 pets and the game has me rescuing “9” pets….. I’ve rescued 5 several times but this 9 is getting very frustrating!!!! About to give and move to new game. :(

  2. Don’t discourage the players. 289 game has 9 pets. U show 5. I’m able to do 5. What about the rest 4???? Haiii8jeee… Show for that.

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