Pet Rescue Saga Level 846

Pet Rescue Saga Level 846, tips and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: Save 1 pet  and get at least 3000 points. 


TIP: In Pet Rescue Saga Level 846 we have 2 videos for you to show you 2 ways how to pass PRS level 846. In the  first video you can see while removing blocks I had yellow blocks and after removing the wire from the right side where 1 pet is – there wasn’t any problem on finishing this level. As many of you didn’t get lucky had to find one more way.The  Second video shows you how to use virus, that will help you save them 1 pet.


Pet Rescue Saga Level 846 video 1 – no boosters:


Pet Rescue Saga Level 846 video 2. – no boosters: