Pet Rescue Saga Level 852

Pet Rescue Saga Level 852, tips and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: Save 2 pets and get at least 3000 points. 


TIP: In Pet Rescue Saga Level 852 before the update task was to save 7 pets. As many complaining King lowered to 5 pets which is much easier. The tips remain the same. Little tricky level, you will have to lose several lives til good board finally shows up for you as it did for us. Make matches on the board, try to focus on larger sets of blocks so you can charge booster Rocket faster. You will also get somewhere on the board block with same color as your pet box is. Try to use it! When you charge booster Rocket use it on one of 5 lines where pets are – just be sure first you don’t have any wire on blocks in that line. Don’t waste your moves on removing the viruses- let in spread over the board – it will actually help you charge the booster faster. If you are PC player and have hammers saved – don’t feel bad about using them – this is hard level even if now the task is to save 5 pets.


Pet Rescue Saga Level 852 video – 5 pets – no boosters:


Pet Rescue Saga Level 852 video – 7 pets – no boosters:

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