Pet Rescue Saga Level 861

Pet Rescue Saga Level 861, tips and video by Blogging Witch Lea

Target: Save 18 pets and get at least 12000 points. 
PRS Level 861 is fun, with all those balloons, big score etc it is not that easy to save 15 animals with 50 moves.

When you start, you should have one balloon and 3 pets. If you don’t have a balloon quit and start over til you get it. Use it and when first 2 pets fall down key will show on your board, usually on the right side. Use the key so that third pet can also fall down. Also be careful, sometimes key doesn’t show up asap or you don’t have nice matches to get it to the ground. Don’t waste too many moves, if you do you will also have to start over.

Let’s say around 35 moves should be some limit. Now comes the luck part. Where will and how many pets fall on your board I can’t say. Remove larger sets of blocks, use balloons on colors of blocks that you see it is on the way to save a pet – basically think 2 steps forward. When you get around 12,13 pets you will get on the board some Line Blasts and box that wires blocks. Be careful it doesn’t mess up with your pets. If it is on left side, you play on the right side for example. You will get 2 pets at the time, when you save them  more will show up.