Pet Rescue Saga Level 917

Pet Rescue Saga Level 917, written guide and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: Save 3 pets and get at least 2000 points. 


TIPS for Level 917: Uhhh what a level right? Your first task would be to remove blocks/line that is on the left side, so all board can move to the left and with the right match one of those 6 Line Blasts gets under the second row. It is really tricky but you can see example in our video how to do it. Try to save other Line Blasts as much as you can as you’ll need it at the bottom. When you charge the booster Rocket – use it on one of the first 2 lines where pets are – just be careful about those cages under it. The trick, and not easy one, is to save those Line Blasts and use them at the bottom to remove cages and those black blocks and when you charge the Rocket again – to use it and save pets. Sometimes you will get more Line Blasts with the falling blocks with each move you make, sometimes – nothing. We have video with 1 hammer which I think you can forgive us til we make no booster video ;).

Good luck!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 917 video – 1 hammer: