Pet Rescue Saga Level 919

Pet Rescue Saga Level 919, written guide and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: Save 6  pets and get at least 3000 points. 


TIPS for LEVEL 919: In Level 919 3 pets are free and 3 are in their boxes. To release the key and to move those first 3 pets down, you need to get that metal block that key is above in the same line as one of the Line Blast on the left side are and remove it. Use the key asap so you can move down without losing those 3 pets. The same thing you need to do in the second section. If you have the option – release some of the pets from their boxes, it will be easier to save the pets as you now reached to last section.

As you reached the bottom, use the remaining Line blasts to get the pets at the bottom.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 919 video – no boosters: