Pet Rescue Saga Level 921

Pet Rescue Saga Level 921, written guide and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: Save 6  pets and get at least 3000 points. 

Pet Rescue Saga Level 921 is the 9th Level in Episode Beluga Beach that ends with hard(?) level 927.

TIPS for Pet Rescue LEVEL 921: Start the level by making a match beside/under/above the key and use it to remove those stone blocks that are under 4 pets at the left side. Make matches remove bigger sets of blocks and try to charge booster Rocket faster. Now you need to use it on a 5th row counting from the left to right – but before you use it, be sure you don’t have any wire on the blocks in that row so you can move those 2 pets on the right side. You will now be able to match warm/cold bomb so use it and you will save at least one pet. Again remove blocks to charge the Rocket faster and use it again on the 5th row so those 2 pets can fall down at the bottom.

If you have 1 pet on the left side, on the warm bomb like I did in the video – simply charge the Rocket booster as think it is waste of time to try and get the cold bomb from the right all the way to the left side.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 921 video – no boosters:



Pet Rescue Saga Level 921 video – 3 hammers: