Pet Rescue Saga Level 924

Pet Rescue Saga Level 924, written guide and video by the Blogging Witches

Target: Save 13  pets and get at least 3000 points. 


TIPS for LEVEL 924: In level 924 you need to get the blocks same color as you have those 5 Butterflies together – as much as you can. This way you will charge butterflies faster. While you remove blocks 1 or more pets will be saved also – so make sure before Butterflies will fly that you make some match at the top for example so more pets can fall down. This way, once you free the butterflies you won’t waste one or more of them. I hope you know by now, when butterflies start to wave with wings very fast it means you are 1 or 2 matches close to releasing them – so have that in your mind while playing. Once you save 5 – 7 pets – try to remove blocks that aren’t same as butterflies. You will not see butterflies asap when you save first 5-7 pets – so save those blocks of same colors when butterflies show up on the board. You can make matches beside those blocks that have wire on it – so you can remove wire and fil the butterflies. Of course while doing the above you will save some pets simply by removing blocks. We have 2 videos – hope it will help you to pass Level 924  :).

Pet Rescue Saga Level 924 video – no boosters:


Pet Rescue Saga Level 924 video – 1 hammer: