Pet Rescue Saga Level 982

Pet Rescue Saga Level 982, tips and video by the Blogging Witches

TASK: Save 8 pets and get at least 3000 points

TIPS FOR PET LEVEL 982: Tricky level to explain so be sure to watch the video after reading the tips. There are 4 balloons and 1 Line Blast. Use some balloon to charge booster Rocket and us it on middle line so you get the Line Blast close or at the bottom. Use the Line Blast on the right side as, there are more cage than on the left. Now you need to be careful which color of balloon will you use next – be sure that color isn’t between the pet and the cage – as if one pet gets into the cage – you will lose a life. While playing you will also see 2 butterflies – fill them up with the same color – it will save 1 or 2 pets for you.