Prepare yourself for the CHALLENGE at level 46!

Starting Bubbles30
Recommended Potions: Use ’em all if needed for the challenge!!! But as you can see, you can really get 3 Stars with no whatsoever potions
Points needed: 1 star = 30 000, 2 stars = 60 000, 3 stars = 80 000
Special bubbles: virus

Both “friend beaten” and ordinary 3-star pics can be submitted to the group for the challenge. The important thing is that they have the proper time stamp on them.

Here are two videos made by the Blogging Witches and Alex Walker to prepare ourselves for the Level 46 CHALLENGE that is about to take place this Sunday.

It is a friendly challenge between the two BWS groups Freunde von Bubble Witch Saga and Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group. You can join either group to participate as a team.

You can see that we don’t pay any attention to stopping the viruses in these videos. On the contrary, it is quite nice to have two fat virus pyramids to drop at lots of spiders on, preferable yellow and green spiders! You might want to read on howto get green spiders.

If you want to were the fancy Picbadge to support Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Groupo in the challenge, just click this link and use the badge!

Both videos are quite good example, the difference in scores can be found in the green spiders, I think. More spiders = More score.

Video 1) by Alex Walker, 3 Stars, no Charms, no Potions. Watch on Youtube SCORE: 83 210 points

Video 2) by Blogging Witches, Charms and 3 Potions. Watch on Youtube SCORE: 91 210 points

Special thanks to Teresa Atkinson for the stats on level 46.


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