Price on 7 hearts seems pretty cheap now

I wonder if it is just something especially for me, or maybe an overall in-game thing. The price for me to fill up my hearts to seven would be just 9 facebook coins. I remember that I sometimes a few weeks back was thinking, that almost everything is fair priced in Bubble Witch Saga, but not the energy fill. I remember it as something like several euros, maybe 39 facebook coins. If you have any idea, please let me know, okey?

I don't remember the price as cheap as 9 FB coins

11 thoughts on “Price on 7 hearts seems pretty cheap now

  1. .9 fb is not so chep if some lv you losing lives fast I am polisz my fb is in english but my husband is in polish and on his I find thah fb credits are some time 8o% off but you can only buy 50at one time cost you3. 47 polisz money it is little over a 1 dol i never find this on mine fb do you know somthing about it I just figure if I gone see the sell I will swich to polish and buy it than

    • That was an interesting insight. It of course seem natural that fb would adjust the price to users solvency. I wonder if you could get real cheap coins by using an Indian account?

  2. a I didnt read ths before you still jocking dont belive me but I did buy 50 spent most nn exra lives and some on extra bubble and sorry i didnt buy more on that time

  3. MAYBE BUT ONE OF MY FRIEND PLAY BUBBLE SAGA WITH ME we didin exchange lives or momey this and when I learn that i can posted and my friends can colected I ask If she colected and she sad yes I colected but I dont know what the money gives tou beside the points so she finish bubble saga with ou buying even one single buster she just dont undersyand after this I swich me fb to polish and I learn they have the game in english so poor girl play with and didnt understan nothing just cliking the bubble

  4. first she didnt understand what thay are I didnt knew she has the game in english and know I thik she just want to proof to herself how good she is

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