Rainbow Bubble

Collect 130 stars to unlock the Rainbow Bubble. The rainbow bubble is purchased by 2000 in-game coins as a Magic Potion. You can use a rainbow bubble twice per play ground.

It will match any ordinary bubble and burst every ordinary bubble it comes in contact with.

You can use it twice / game and when purchased it is active for 3 games.

If you have 10 spiders and at least one is a blue spider, you can shoot a rainbow bubble at  a virus bubble, black bubble, in the ceiling or at a Spider bubble to get a green Spider!

If you hit a single Spider Bubble with the RB Bubble, the Spider Bubble usually doesn’t spits Potion.

The Rainbow Bubble have limitations in combination with the Lock Bubbles, as they are considered obstacles and the RB Bubble do not burst other obstacles than Spider Bubbles.

Greetings from Shelea:

if you use the rainbow bubble to hit the ‘crotch’ of two different colored bubbles, you get rainbow credit for both colors

19 thoughts on “Rainbow Bubble

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  3. Hi friend, I’m on Eternal level 1-6 and I have earn 307 stars, but I don’t have the rainbow bubble. Do you know what is the problem ?

      • Yea I know, but it’s not avalible for me to buy the rainball bubble. I have 307 stars, but I have only the three first magic potions as a choice to buy.

        • I am so sorry that you have this kind of trouble. You should try contacting the app makers via the app page itself. There is a contact link at the lower left side of the game.

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  8. I had 10 spiders, 1 of them was blue, and I shot the rainbow bubble into the ceiling to get a green spider like you have suggested on several occasions (I’m trying to get 3 stars on level 135). All it did was turn the blue spider to yellow! Any ideas? Tks.

  9. I thought that rainbow bubbles were supposed to eliminate shadow bubbles without losing extra bubbles from the cauldron. This is not happening for me – eg, if I use a rainbow bubble to burst a chain of 5 shadow bubbles, I lose 5 extra bubbles from the cauldron. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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