The Witch Country Map Episodes

  1. Level 1 – 5 Red Marks Witches Cottage
  2. Level 6 – 15 Blue Marks, Cemetery
  3. Level 16 – 25 Orange Marks, Pumpkin Fields
  4. Level 26 – 35 Light Green Marks, Old Forest
  5. Level 36 – 45 Turquoise Marks, Swamp
  6. Level 46 – 55 Purple Marks, Mountain High
  7. Level 56 – 65 Yellow Marks, Misty Lake A cloud of evil has covered Misty Lake. Can you find the way through the whispering fog?
  8. Level 66 – 75 Green Marks, Haunted Mansion Was it a good idea to spend the night in Haunted Mansion? And do you hear those footsteps on the stairs…?
  9. Level 76 – 85 Red marks, Mystic Woods
  10. Level 86 – 95 Blue marks, Crystal Caves Deep underground in Crystal Caves you find a terrible threat. Bubbles encased in ancient crystal!
  11. Level 96 – 105 Orange Marks, Desert open It’s a long way through the blazing Desert. And something is trying hard to make sure you never leave!
  12. Level 106 – 115 Light Green Marks, Windmill Village
  13. Level 116 – 125 Turquoise Marks, Canyon
  14. Level 126 – 135 Purple Marks, Moon Coast
  15. Level 136 – 145 Gold Marks, Winter Cemetery
  16. Level 146 – 155 Green Marks, Razor Peaks
  17. Level 156 – 165 Red Marks, Coral Reef
  18. Level 166 – 170 Blue Marks Shadow Lord

Level 171- are pretty similar levels in the second world with additional obstacles indeed

17 thoughts on “The Witch Country Map Episodes

  1. How do I beat the daily bonus after level 35? I do not have any friends that play this. How do i move on the the Swamp level.

    • If you are playing at a Mobile device there should be an option to use the coins you have gained form earlier levels in order to pass.

  2. Ok, this might sound silly but still. I’ve just finished level 35, it told me to keep going but didn’t unlock level 36. I’m playing on my mobile, have 62 stars and 10K coins… what am I missing?

  3. ik heb level 415 2x uitgespeeld maar kan nu niet meer veder het scherm dat ik vrienden moet vragen komt niet in mijn beeld wat moet/kan ik doen om door te gaan

  4. I tried to pay to move on to level 36 and it says my info doesn’t match. I’m using my card I’ve had for years. I have the iphone4. Can anyone let me know what I might be doing wrong? Any help would be great…thank you!

  5. I have just completed level 95. I play on my phone. For some reason, the arrow pointing to level 95 is covering over the ghosts to unlock the next episode. I can’t click on it to ask for help or pay my way through. I went on my computer to try and the ghosts aren’t even on my computer, but I still can’t get to level 96. Will it eventually unlock after a certain number of days or is there another way to get help or pay without clicking on the ghosts? Thanks!!!

  6. I have completed level 95 several times now and can’t get to level 96. I can’t even SEE level 96. What’s up with that?

    • You need to break the lock / get tickets purchase gold bars or purr-haps attract several friends to play the in order to SEE the 96th level. Also you need

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