Score per bubble | Score per cauldron

The amount of Points is increased with 5 for every burst after a miss or from the beginning.

First burst: 10 Points/Bubble
Second burst: 15 Points/Bubble
Third burst: 20 Points/Bubble
Fourth burst: 35 Points/Bubble

So if you have four bursts with no bubbles falling into a Cauldron and you burst three bubbles/burst, that gives you 10*3+15*3+20*3+25*3 = 210 Points.

That is almost zero scoring! You want to burst as few bubbles as possible, but  continuously to get green Spiders or yellow Spiders. Every time a bubble hits a yellow spider your score increase, you see, and the green Spiders doubles the bubbles.

Minimum Score for falling into a Cauldron: 100
Maximum Score for falling into a Cauldron: n/a (At least 8000+ recorded.) :)


The Cauldrons gives you 100, 500 or 1000 for each bubble, that falls into them

The Score doubles whenever a bubble hit a yellow Spider before falling into a cauldron.

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3 thoughts on “Score per bubble | Score per cauldron

  1. How come onlu y every other level has explanation on here? I am at level 95 and very distressed. Wish some explanation of how to play as, after only a few shots, I can’t go any further. NO FUN. I just quit that time and open new game with same result. No fun when you dont understand how in the world you are supposed to play when game blocked a few bubbles in.

    • The levels chosen to be explained is random. I often write about some level that a single visitor asks for. I try to cover at least one level every day and have been writing explanations for Bubble Witch Saga levels since December 8, 2011. I’ll do 95 next! :)

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