Shadow Realm have even more Beautiful Corals than Witch Country! (NEW LEVELS!!! 326 –> )

Bubble Witch Saga Shadow Realm Coral Reef Levels are OPEN NOW!

329-SHADOW-REAL-CORALS-FINA-LEVLARI remember the painful long time span between Level 155 and 156 last year and was a bit afraid that something like that might be repeated in Shadow Realm as well. Fortunately it wasn’t and today we got new Levels as expected. King have came into routine with this now. Every other week we seem to get new Shadow Realm Levels and the weeks between we have new Eternal Isles. What will happen in May when the Shadow Realm Map is filled haven’t yet been revealed.

Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga brings you these walkthroughs for the first levels! Please subscribe to get more Level Walkthroughs and useful tips for Facebook King Games!!! The Last one we have picked up is Farm Heroes Saga, that may not be as epic as Bubble Witch Saga, but certainly taste FRESH!

Level 326

Level 327

Level 328

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