Shadow realm Walkthrough Index for Level 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214 and 215

Bubble Witch Saga, the Swamp in Shadow realm, Level 206 – 215

Here you go, there is a video for every level. :) Complete guides and Strategies will be published here at the Blogging Witches Blog ASAP, but we thought that you might appreciate to find the videos easily right now. :)

  1. Level 206 
  2. Level 207
  3. Level 208
  4. Level 209 Full guide
  5. Level 210 Full guide
  6. Level 211
  7. Level 212
  8. Level 213
  9. Level 214
  10. Level 215 

11 thoughts on “Shadow realm Walkthrough Index for Level 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214 and 215

  1. Why the level 214 is different in my bubble witch saga? There are 6 bombs and the color are much harder than in the demo you provide. And there is bubbles that have ice or crystal on them at the bottom. I manage to drop the skulls only once and even then the rest was impossible to pass. Need help!

    • Joo, Taso 214 on vaihdettu tänään, en ole kerinnyt tehdä uutta videota vielä.
      Level 214 was changed today, I am so sorry, we haven’t had the time to get a new video out yet.

  2. Level 214 changed, there were no crystal bubbles 2 days ago! Why?? The disease spreads before I menage to clear them!! And there are no crystal bubbles on your demo.

  3. Why is this level so hard? Its almost like you dont want anyone to get thru it. There are ALOT of obstacles- really think a few less would still have been ok- dont have to throw everything in. There have already been a few pretty tough levels getting here. Give the players a bit of a break- It helps with morale and wanting to go on! Thank you.

  4. Level 215 is impossible i have used over 2000000 coins and countless lifes but as of now i quit have spent real money on this site but no more it is no longer fun just depressing will remove game from all 3 facebook sites that i play on

  5. Level 214 is designed to make people quit the game. It’s not so much of a challenge like some of the other difficult levels, but an impossiblity so people either pay or give up. And changing a level after others have gone through the old reasonable screen is cheating.

    • so agree. I got lucky on 214 after almost giving up, but 215 is even worse … and boring. But …. REVENGE! An app just asked me to rate BW and can you guess what I gave it (after coming all this way and now not being able to join friends that had already passed through) ??? hahaha. However, I would give this fan site a near perfect rating, just for letting us rant … and giving us access to all the free coins!

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