Farm Heroes Saga – Numbered elements

While playing Farm Heroes Saga….

numbered-elements-fruits-cropsies-in-farm-heroes-saga…after matching some elements you get a few numbered element in your puzzle. By collecting this plus cropsie the number is added as a cropsie collected. This means that collecting 3 elements with each having +2 beside them will net you 6 suns instead of just 3. Learning to use this to your advantage will help you A LOT! Especially when you still have a lot of matches to make but only have limited moves left.

Unfortunately the +1 feature is not enabled at Rancid Levels.

Some fruits on the field will have a number next to them. This number indicates that, when your next match collects that fruit, it will count as the number on the fruit. For instance, if you match a fruit with a number 3, with two normal fruits, it will count as a total of 3+1+1=5 fruits.

If you are able to make a match with 4 or 5 fruits, either in one row or in a corner, a bonus is given in the form of extra numbers.

numbered fruits 2

These bonuses help you to score more with limited number of moves. So always try to make matches with numbered elements.

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