Somethings bubbling, alright

Somethings bubbling!Mystery BubbleI was just able to send 50 lives via the standard FB-popup and that is really a way that I would like to send lives in the future. (I don’t know if they geot through though, haha.)  I kind of hope that this wasn’t a glitch for me and that it will be added as a feature for everyone. On the other hand, I am not sure that I want to get a life from all my friends every time they load the game…

…or actually I want to, but if I have to send all the 100 coiners regifts back by hand I will have very little time for the actual game. 

Mystery BubbleMany of us players are whin.. ups, I mean reporting that they can not load the game this morning. It was really bad for about an hour, but now something have been restored that wasn’t the way it should be. Right noMystery Bubblew I have no friends on the map, even though I have went through the cleaning and the updating procedures. I am not even a bit worried though. Today is Feature-day, new stuff later on today will certainly satisfy me and more than make up for the loading issues this morning!

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4 thoughts on “Somethings bubbling, alright

  1. still not sure about the lives did not recieve any todey but I do recieve the coins and notificatiom for lives from 4 people so i am kind of hopping they find a way to store those lives

  2. Now I am sure abouth the lives they work perfectly if I don’t have a life I am getting a life. If i do have a life i get 100 coins from every heart people click for me .This is great, but only with friends in the game and every time you have 0 lives just click all (they let you click only 50 on a time) to ask them for life now every click on you friend can turn to 100 as long as they are active players.

  3. And every time you on 0 and ask friend you have to get out of BWS for I don’t know make youself a coffe or sandwich and if you get this perfecly you cans star go on the game with few tabs. I discovered this when still trying to collect in few tabs but this one is very tricky… You have to be very careful wich tab you closing first so you dont close th one with more coins or more lives first! Then you can see you coins decresing and no one like that. :š

  4. But I really like the option to send a life to 10 friends on one time but this I don’t get yet because i dont see every time.

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