Level 350

Bubble Witch Saga Level 350

Pictures by Patti Frazier-Landree 
Strategies and Tips by JoAnn Donnelly

Starting Bubbles: 35
Recommended Potions: Rainbow, 3 Holes in Ceiling, 7 Extra Bubbles
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 95 000, 115 000, 135 000
Bubble Witch Saga Level 350Special Bubbles: 
Bomb Bubble 2 Bomb Bubbles
Obstacle Shadow Bubble Shadow Bubbles
Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles
Mystery Bubble, Special bubble type Mystery Bubbles
Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles
skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles

Pic 350: 2 bombs in center cluster ignite on launch of level. You need only clear the bottom row of bubbles to view the ceiling. Work sides to drop centre bomb cluster. You can risk hitting Mystery Bubbles to drop bombs, but it might be handy to have Charm/Wish of Disarm. Infection creeping down both sides and in centre; focus on shooting up the sides towards corners. Keep an eye on the Shadow bubbles as they are spreading up and towards corners to the ceiling. Rainbow bubble useful to shoot shadow bubbles as will prevent loss of cauldron bubbles. Clear the bubbles on each side, then angle your shots to drop the ceiling. 3*

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