New Levels both for Farm Heroes and for the Witches!

Bubble Witch Saga is passing the Winter Cemetery on the Road home


Bubble Witch Saga Level 366

We are starting Level 366 now in Bubble Witch Saga, the first of the new levels (366 – 375) is a true dream for fans of the Magic Potion +3 holes in the ceiling, with 3 virus bubbles in the ceiling, the potion almost always manage to remove at least one of infections!

A fast trick to get an extra green spider and maybe achieve that 3rd star at Level 366 is to remove the spider bubbles under the bomb right away in the beginning and then hit the Linked Bubbles  right away after you have achieved the first green spider. If you are fascinated about the green spiders and want more NOW, you then (2 next shots after hitting the link),  use both rainbow bubbles to get more green spiders.

Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga will have videos for both farm heroes Saga and Bubble Witch Saga available for you as soon as possible, subscribe to see them FIRST!

Farm Heroes Saga now give us the chance to grow grass!

seeds-creat-grass2The “easy casual” match 3 game Farm Heroes Saga have been quite hard to master so far, and the new levels (161 – 175) that we got today aren’t exceptions to this.

The new element “seed” is however really cool, if we water the seed we get grass and can score much better or even clean up dirty elements and toxic squares.

You can watch this new seed element in action in this video for farm heroes saga Level 161 (no boosters to pass, shovels in hero mode).