Level 371

Bubble Witch Saga Level 371

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Patti Frazier-Laundree

Starting Bubbles: 35
Recommended Potions: Rainbow
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 70 000, 85 000, 115 000
371 Bubble Witch SagaSpecial Bubbles:
Linked Bubble, Special bubble type Linked Bubbles (1 set)
Bomb Bubble 1 Bomb Bubbles
yellow-spider-bubble Spider Bubbles

Pic 371: Do not use 3 hole in ceiling potion as may ignite bomb in corner just below ceiling. Clear under bottom of link and up left  side to contain shadows and drop lower dooms as well as make path for link. Continue up side as far as possible clearing as many clusters as able WITHOUT dropping bottom link. Do not ignite bomb in corner unless are ready to drop ceiling. When screen is clear of all extraneous bubbles, hit bottom link. It will make 3 hole in ceiling but will not drop black bubbles. Continue to clear and make additional holes to drop ceiling.

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