Level 501

Bubble Witch Saga Level 501

Picture by Jo Ellen Hamilton
Strategy by Jo Ann Donnelly
Starting Bubbles: 35
Recommended Potions: 7 Extra Bubbles, 3 Holes in Ceiling, Rainbow
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 30 000, 60 000, 95 000
Special Bubbles:
Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubblesskull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull BubblesInfected Bubble Infected Bubbles
Mystery Bubble, Special bubble type Mystery BubblesBomb Bubble 3 Bomb Bubbleslevel 501
Ghost Lock on Chain 2 Lock Bubbles(1 chain)

Pic 501:  Vertical rows of crystals and dooms on each side and 3 bombs as you work your way to the chain. There are also infection bubbles coming down the middle from the upper rows. It is nearly impossible to not ignite at least one bomb on your way to the locks, so plan your shots carefully to drop bombs or employ Charm/Wish of Disarm. Keep an eye on virus creeping down and sideways as the infection can impede your ability to shoot at the locks. The Charm/Wish of Antidote may be very helpful. Once the locks are open you can access and drop the ceiling. Tip: using 3 Holes in Ceiling potion can eliminate 1 of the locks.

Video 3 stars charmed by  Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches, please subscribe!

Video 2 star no charms by Clemens Spengler