Candy Crush Jelly Soda – PLAY with Windows or Mac

Candy Crush Jelly Soda – PLAY game the with Windows or Mac with an Android Emulator


When Candy Crush Jelly Saga first was launched there weren’t any native apps for computers, only mobile apps. That is why this article was written.

Today however you can install Candy Crush Jelly Saga at your PC from the windows store. To find the Store at your windows 10 computer, select the Start Start icon button, then select Store Windows Store logo, or select it from the taskbar. (You need an Internet connection and a Microsoft account to install the apps.)

This is the short story on how I solved the issue not having a supported smartphone earlier and this is how you can play Candy Crush Jelly Saga at your PC even if it has an earlier windows than 10.




I first downloaded Bluestacks –> and installed it on my computer. It needs a lot of memory and will at some point prompt you to let extra apps be installed in the Bluestacks Android Emulator, otherwise I have no complaints about this mobile device inside my computer. :-)

After having Bluestacks ready and being in that program on your computer, do a search for Candy Crush Jelly Saga from Bluestacks homescreen and search in Google PLAY, when found, click install and you will be ready to play Candy Crush Jelly Saga at your PC/Mac in no time!

If you want you can click this link for Candy Crush Jelly Saga to open up Google PLAY in the Bluestacks web browser and install it that way. You need to be connected to Google PLAY to install easily.

Google PLAY is available for Bluestacks, so also all the King games can be installed that way, no apk needed. Many of the Saga games has different features on mobile and both Papa Pear Saga and Farm Heroes Saga have had the new levels launched at Android before Facebook most of the year 2015.

The first 3 levels are pretty much just to learn the Basics of the Candy Crush Jelly Soda game.




Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 4 and Candy Crush Jelly Saga Level 5 are BOSS LEVELS that reminds us a lot of checkers.

At Candy Crush Saga level 6 you see a very familiar element taken from the classic Battleship game, reveal PUFFLERS by guessing where they are located in the grid.

Go to any of the Blogging Witches YouTube videos for Candy Crush Jelly Saga to find the OFFICIAL download links for your Android and iPhone/iPad.

Note that you can not connect to Facebook if you are not in the right country. But you will however be connected to the Kingdom and can exchange lives and unlocks with other gamers.