WoW, what a Blizz! Is it Candy Crush Saga?

the Kingdom is sold, long live King!


This is the most exciting news we have since the beginning of the Kingdom! King has been sold to the world’s leading company of gaming; Activision Blizzard.

candy-crush-oThe real winner in this deal is as we here at Blogging Witches see it, is the small gamer. That mean we are the winners up front! Just read the mission that Activision Blizzard has that embrace all gamers of the world to PLAY and HAVE FUN! They are going to take good care of the employers in the Kingdom and King has always been taking good care about us, so there is NOTHING TO WORRY about at all, the Saga has not came to an End yet!

youtubevvvFor you having YouTube accounts monetizing Candy Crush and the other Saga games this don’t seem to be any problem, we have read around the Internet that Blizzard seem to have fair monetizing solutions for their gamers and there maybe that you have to join a third party partnership network as we at Blogging Witches has (Fullscreen), but you don’t need to jump up doing anything atm. Stuff in the gaming industry always change fast and being independent is never wrong, even if you get very well care for at Fullscreen. If you want to join Fullscreen, please use our referral link for that. :-)

From the  fact sheet posted at, where you also can read ALL about this exciting deal:

• Activision Blizzard to acquire King for $18.00 cash per share for total equity value of ~$5.9B, enterprise value of ~$5.0B3

• Implies 20% premium to King closing price of $14.96 as of October 30, 20154 • Accretive to 2016E Non-GAAP Revenue and EPS by ~30%5

• Financed through offshore Activision Blizzard cash and fully committed incremental term loan financing

• Combined company to maintain strong balance sheet and conservative leverage

• King to operate as an independent operating unit of Activision Blizzard

• King will continue to be led by CEO Riccardo Zacconi, Chief Creative Officer Sebastian Knutsson, and Chief Operating Officer Stephane Kurgan