Farm Heroes Saga MOBILE BONUS LEVELS – Ignite the Light!

Farm Heroes Saga MOBILE BONUS LEVELS – Ignite the Light!

Farm Heroes Saga has extra mobile features as campaigns every now and then. This weekend we need to Light up the sky before time runs out!

The special thing we need to remember when playing these Farm Heroes Saga Reward Levels is that the rewards are built around recharging your boosts, so you should use all your boosts before entering any level that triggers the rewards. Level 3 is the first important level to remember this time and so far has always been. So use your boosts at level 2 and 3, they are definitely fun to play with Farm Heroes Saga boosts! :D

Scroll down below the demo video to check out the pictures submitted by Eliza Beth in Farm Heroes Saga Help. They show you what rewards you can get by completing the bonus levels!

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Farm Club in Farm Heroes Saga – explained by Mainewil and Mark

Farm Heroes Saga Farm Club – WHAT IS IT? How do I get there?

What is the Farm Club and how do we use it?

When you open your game, click on the little sign that will be on your map, at your uppewr right hand side, just like in the picture.

When you click on the Farm Club sign a box opens as an overlay over the Farm Heroes Saga Map. You will see outlines of animals. If you hover your mouse over each animal, it will tell you what you need to collect and in which level. In each of the Farm Club levels you earn a different animal for each star.

When you have all 3 animals in a row, the booster/the beans will light up and you will be able to use it. Once you click on use, it will go into your Farm heroes Saga booster bank in the game.

You can only collect each booster once though, so its a good idea to save them until you really need them. With each set of new levels, there is another chance to earn more boosters though.

Note that getting all 3 stars and earning 3 animals in one level doesn’t mean that the booster will be available. It has to be the three levels stated and sometimes the levels you need to play aren’t yet available to play.

And also so far this is missing on the app version. You can earn the animals with your mobnile version of Farm heroes Saga, but you can not access the farm club.

plus2boosterNote that the regeneration of boosters is naturally stopped when you have boosters in your booster bank.  Read more about regerating boosters in the big Farm heroes Saga booster guide.

tips and tricks by Mark Goodwin and Mainewil, admins of the Farm Heroes Saga Help Group at Facebook.