Poison Balls aka Spider Bubbles

Spider bubbles are introduced at level 26. Their main mission is to destroy spiders. You launch a spider bubbles destructive behaviour by bursting it in a group of three or more bubbles. Then it spits green poisonous slime, that will destroy any spider that gets in the way.

There is no cure for spider-bubble-slime.

Sometimes it is however better to let the slime destroy a spider, because if you have to choose not to burst a bubble, two spiders will go off-game up into he ceiling.

Spider Bubbles appear in all the same colours as ordinary bubbles appear.

Here is a video that I made for level 28 that gives you an idea what Spider Bubbles is all about. :)

Level 76 – Bomb Bubbles

Bombs in Bubble Witch Saga

Starting Bubbles: 30
Recommended Potions: 7 extra bubbles int the beginning, 3 holes in the ceiling
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 55 000, 85 000, 100 00
Special bubbles:
Bomb Bubble 2 Bomb Bubbles
black bubble-is-hard-as-rock Black Bubbles

Bombs are introduced at level 76 and the Bombs in Bubble Witch Saga are such evil obstacles! Once activated, a Bomb counts down from 9 to 1 for every time you shoot a Bubble. The Bomb’s ticking goes down to zero with a rate of -1/shot you make. When the countdown is at zero, the Bomb explode. A bomb is ignited the same moment it touch the air. But there is – luckily for us – a trick to stop the countdown. You can patch a Bomb by filling any gap surrounding the Bomb.  But be aware, the countdown restores to normal speed if it is set off again by bursting a bubble cluster near the Bomb.


This is a nasty little special bubble in Bubble WItch Saga, don’t you just hate Bombs?

When they go off, they count down from 9 to 0 and when you hit 0 there is no return, you loose a life. :cry:





This is a  bomb about to take one of your hearts

Once a bomb stopped counting on one for me, but I think it was a bug and nothing in-game featured.

There is no way to detonate the Bomb Bubble without countdown.

At Level 76 it is smarter to try to drop the Bombs instead of stopping the countdowns, that is what is done in these two videos, if you want a VIDEO trick of howto stop the Bomb, please watch the Level 77 video.

Video for Level 76 (with Rainbow Bubbles) by the Blogging Witches, 3 Star

Video 1 for Level 76 by Jorge Luis Valenzuela Meléndez, Basic Strategy



This is a scene we learned to hate

Trick howto stop the Bomb showed at Level 77

Locked ghost chains with keyhole bubbles

There are a new special type of bubbles introduced at level 116, locked bubbles with a keyhole in it. They are a part of a chain and locks the chain. Above the chain you have even more bubbles to burst! But they are greyed out until you have unlocked the lock bubble. A keyhole bubble can be any colour and you get rid of it by matching the colour. Levels with a keyhole bubble usually have to played many times, since you need some luck to manage matching the colour of the keyhole bubble.

You can find these locked bubbles with keyholes at many levels, as examples, view level 129, level 118 and level 120.

locked bubbles with a keyhole

Keyhole bubbles are hard, because skills is often not enough, you need luck as well.

A sad little fact about lock Bubbles is that they can not be unlocked as singles with a rainbow bubble. :( But If the lock is paired up with a bubble in the same color, shooting a Rainbow bubble at the paired bubble will unlock the lock.

Rainbow Bubble

Collect 130 stars to unlock the Rainbow Bubble. The rainbow bubble is purchased by 2000 in-game coins as a Magic Potion. You can use a rainbow bubble twice per play ground.

It will match any ordinary bubble and burst every ordinary bubble it comes in contact with.

You can use it twice / game and when purchased it is active for 3 games.

If you have 10 spiders and at least one is a blue spider, you can shoot a rainbow bubble at  a virus bubble, black bubble, in the ceiling or at a Spider bubble to get a green Spider!

If you hit a single Spider Bubble with the RB Bubble, the Spider Bubble usually doesn’t spits Potion.

The Rainbow Bubble have limitations in combination with the Lock Bubbles, as they are considered obstacles and the RB Bubble do not burst other obstacles than Spider Bubbles.

Greetings from Shelea:

if you use the rainbow bubble to hit the ‘crotch’ of two different colored bubbles, you get rainbow credit for both colors

Infected bubbles

Oh no, the bubbles have gone sick. Hurry to get rid of all bubbles under the infected bubbles, because the plague spreads down-wise. One infected bubble will infect other bubbles underneath.You often get a chance to burst bubbles above the infection and then the infection fall into the cauldrons generating lots of points.

Infected bubbles are introduced at level 46. Special thanks to tumba25 for tipsing about the level. :)

Sick bubbles from level 46

Oh no! The curse tormenting the country is starting to infect the bubbles.

Insight by KellyK:
Infections give priority to shots that make clusters. If you have a situation where you have two bubbles and can’t help but hit an infected bubble as well, the infection won’t take your shot away.


The charm of antidote is probably a good charm to invest in.

If you are a money player, there is a way to heal infected bubbles. You will need to buy the magic charm of antidote, it’s current price is 117 facebook coins.




Here is a video walkthrough for level 46 uploaded by skillgaming.


Level 104 – Eeeek!

Starting bubbles: 50 pcs
Potion recommended: 7 extra Bubbles
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Stars: 65 000, 100 000, 130 000
Special bubbles: Black bubbles, Skull bubbles, Bombs, Crystals

Level 104

 Your first reaction to Level 104 (unless you have peeked at the tips) will probably be OMG!!!   Yep, they’re all bombs, one big diamond of them right in the middle of the game screen.   And if that weren’t enough, the bomb-diamond is pregnant with skull bubbles!  Such naughty and devious game developers!

My advice about the green spiders is ‘enjoy them if you get them but concentrate on not setting off even one of those bombs in your quest for 3-of-a-kind shots’.  The bomb hits will ignite up to 3 bombs at a time, and even if you have the Charm of Disarm it will only neutralize up to 2 bombs per level attempt.  You can fill the gaps around the Bombs to stop them, but you don’t always get that aim you need, so it is beter not to set them off at all.

Hoping to outrun them to the top?  Maybe, if the ones you ignited are at the top of the diamond shape.  if you are at or below the middle of it, forget it.  Ka-boom!

Get rid of the diagonal trio of black bubbles as soon as you can.  It’s tricky – you’re only given two vertical bubble-levels to make them drop.  (Same with the horizontal ones, but at least you’re further ahead by then.)

As to those intimidating skull bubbles, they are only there to intimidate.  After all, if you’ve set off more than a couple bombs, you’re essentially done with Level 104 for that round, and if you’ve avoided the bombs you have avoided the skulls, too.

This is a TALL level.  Pay attention right at the beginning to see how high it is, because you may over-estimate how much ammunition you have to do the total job.  Assume that, no matter how many potions you buy or charms you have, you’re going to be here awhile.  If you’ve been undecided about buying the Charm of Precision or of Scrolling (or both), now is the time.  You might feel you’re too close to the end of the journey to invest in them, but I’ll give you two good reasons to get them – One, if you plan to go back and improve your scores on earlier levels, they’re very helpful.  Two, without them you might never GET to the end!

The rest of Level 104, if you’ve dropped the bomb/skull combo safely, is pretty simple.  You have another black bubble threesome, but after what you’ve been through, that should be a breeze!   Good luck!!



“Did you know, that if you activate a bomb, you can stop it again by replacing another bubble there!?!
But pay attention, if you activate the bomb again later, the countdown just continues at the point you stopped it.”
– Janice Pyke Symes


Of all the Charms you can use, the Precision turns out to be most valuable at Level 104. (Video)

Skillgaming have brought us a good video walkthrough for this level.

Level 65 – 3 different videos

Video by Jorge:

Starting Bubbles: 30
Recommended Potions: None needed for 3 Stars.

Good to have Charms; the Charm of Precision, teh Charm of Disarm, the Charm of Insurance
Special Bubbles: Skulls

Video by Sebastian:

You have to be very precise when aiming at level 65. As you can see from this screen cap there are a lot of skull bubbles that one will have to avoid. If you hit a skull bubble all the bubbles goes black and you loose a life!

Here is the level Design for Level 65, taken with the Charm of Scrolling;

The poles and the lanterns offers great details for adjusting your aim!