Pet Rescue Saga NEW LEVELS! Did the lvl 813 bug affect you?

Pet Rescue Saga NEW LEVELS! the Frozen Fortress

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Pet Rescue Saga Level 813 wasn’t all that easy to access…

bug lvl 813 shown in this upper video

the bug workaround (FIX) in order to access Pet Rescue Saga Level 813 was easy enough, I just went to and there I have only 3 Pet Rescue Saga friends so I had to wait “only” 20 minutes before Lynette’s advance showed up in my game and the Level 813 icon was empty. Murphy’s law, lols stated that she had to be at 813 just a few moments before I was there. he upside with playing at King is that you might get goldbars in some games if you are logging in for the very first time, the definite and really painful downside for us multilingual gamers is that force your national langiuage into your gaming. CREAPY!!! :lol: