Candy Crush Soda Saga Review by fbvideogames

Candy crush soda saga can be seen as candy crush saga 2.0.


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Candy Crush Saga Soda Review by fbgamevideos that makes walkthroughs in BETA version and publish then at his at the website

The game is very similar to the candy crush saga game that we all know, but king has giving it a new twist.
In this game it’s all about the bears! I hear you thinking: Bears? Yes bears!! Gummy bears
At this moment there are 75 levels available with 2 different game types.

1. Break the ice levels(similar to clear the jelly levels in candy crush saga).
2. Soda levels (similar to the “bring down all ingredients” levels in candy crush saga levels)

In the break the ice levels you have to break the ice and try to find the hidden gummy bears underneath them.
Like i said it’s very similar to the clear the jelly levels in candy crush saga, but the extra element in it is that you
have to find the hidden gummy bears underneath the ice.

Candy Crush saga soda

Candy Crush saga soda

The soda levels are similar to the bring down the ingredients levels that we know from candy crush saga, but now
you have to raise the soda level and clear the way for the gummy bears to reach the candy string.

This new candy crush game looks similar compared to the “old” one, but on the other hand it’s totally new.
King has managed to give the “old” candy crush saga a brand new look in this candy crush soda saga game and I think that lots of the candy crush saga fans will like this new game too!