Adorable Candy Crush Saga Pics!

Rhea Papellero posted this cute baby with a handcrafted Candy Crush Saga Color Bomb cap at ! <3

aaawwww candy crush saga color bomb

aaawwww, let’s get ’em addicted before they can talk, yeah…?






Devianart seldom  let you down when you are looking for FAN ART. This cute Candy Crush Saga Fan Pic is made by Suihara and uploaded to


Artist about Candy Crush: “For those who know and played this game, i sincerely pray for the mercy of your sugar-coated souls…LOL”

What can we say…. Sometimes the Candy Crush levels are hard for me, but no worries, I’ll just ask to watch my neighbours dog and he can help me pass… *blushing* Shirley Tay made a blog post where she reveals her dog’s addiction of Candy Crush. ;-)


Do you know that I Candy Crush too? If you need life, buzz me yah? I’ll send it to you!

Shirley Tay


Shirley Tay

Win a Candy Crush Saga iPhone Cover!

This contest have ended.

Many congrats to Lucille Flynn, who have won the iPhone cover! Check your email. please! =)

Check out this NEW opportunity to win an iPhone Cover with the candies. =)

Win an iPhone Cover with the popular Candy Crush Saga theme!

candy crush saga iphone cover

Win covers for iPhone 5G

If you play Candy Crush Saga on your phone, I bet you’d love to have one of these iPhone covers! Now you have the chance to get the hold on one for yourself. King gifted me Candy Crush Saga covers earlier this year  I am giving away those in lotteries that I haven’t already gifted to friends or family.

Did you also knew that King have had a forum open for us Candy Crushers for a while now? Take a look to find level help by other candy maniacs and tips if you are stuck or have some tech problems with your game!

By naming two of the sections from the official Candy Crush Saga Forums you can win one of the iPhone covers in the pic!

Rules for contest:

  1. SHARE this post with your Facebook friends.
  2. Write down the name of 2 different sections(categories/sub forums) in the Candy Crush Saga forums as a comment to this post. Remember to use a valid e-post.

The contest ends Thursday 22nd August 2013 at 21:00 CET (that would be 9pm in Berlin) and the winner will be announced at Sunday 24th August 2013.

The Winners will be announced with a new post and updated in this post and contacted by email. You can bookmark this post to find your way back.

The email addresses entered as comments on this post will not be published, they will be used to get in touch with the winners of the WISHES with further instructions on howto receive the wishes.

A number will be assigned to your entry and I’ll use the Lottery machine at to find a winner. Only one entry per nose you own is allowed, no matter how many accounts you have.

This contest is to be considered as private arranged by this website (about this website) and is following Finnish law.

The winner is drawn from e-mail addresses, if I can’t get a respond at the email within 96 hours, the iPhone cover returns into a pot for any later lottery.

You can get only one lucky number.

Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site can not be held responsible for entries lost or written at the wrong place.