Open up Apps in the same tab at Facebook [BUG FIXED]

Facebook have changed the behavior!

[edit] I am so used that Facebook changes stuff that I don’t like, so I was like 99% sure that this was here to stay. But it wasn’t, the apps are opening up as before again, so this FIX isn’t needed. But if you need some nerd tips, scroll down to learn 3 different ways to open up links in a new tab by YOUR CHOICE! =)

facebook-messesIsh, I have a lot of tabs open as is, without Facebook forcing me to open up apps (Bubble Witch Saga, Farm heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga etc..) in new tabs. FACEBOOK IS RUDE and apparently insecure as well, since they seem to believe that we don’t come back to the main site from the apps. Pfft!

I learned to  live with the fact that external links leading away from Facebook opens up in a new tab, I have even implemented that very similar behaviour here at my website! But when the apps want new tabs I have to do something about it.

I found this handy little plugin for Chrome that makes Chrome ignore the code Facebook (and this blog) is using to force new tabs on you.

After installing the Chrome Plugin “Death to _blank” I now have all links at all websites opening up in the same window/tab where I currently read.

That meaning whenever I want to use a new tab I use my scroll wheel at the mouse to open up a link in a new tab instead of the left hand button. You can also use the key CTRL while left clicking a link to open up the link in a new tab or right click the link and choose what to do from the options opening up.

Collect Coins in One Click from any website or Facebook Page – GOOGLE CHROME LINKCLUMP

Linkclump Google Chrome Extension

Collect ALL the COINS on this and ANY Website AND the Facebook Pages in ONE simple CLICK even without the special One Click button!

Firefox users click here

If you need more help for Link Clump, please visit this link at the ALL Coins Page at Facebook, where the Experts will find your questions. :)

Tired of all the continual clicking on each and every link to claim coins? Wish there was an easier way? There is! This amazing Chrome Extension allows you to do just that. Simply INSTALL and then go to your settings (WRENCH SYMBOL – TOOLS – EXTENSIONS) and Change the OPEN and CLOSE time to 15 seconds.


Then when you want to claim all the coins simply draw the orange box around all the links by RIGHT CLICKING (wrong side of your mouse) and it automatically TABS out all the links and then closes them in 15 seconds time. Look at this image closely for the settings that I have applied.

After you have installed the Chrome extension, go to your Chrome settings. You will find them like in this picture:





Then, look for your “Linkclump” extension. It will have this icon:



It will look like this on your screen If you have installed other extensions you will have to find it among the others.


Then click on the link OPTIONS and then EDIT ,you will see this screen. Make the same changes as I have and you will have no problems.
Bez naslova


Firefox users click here

The upper section, ACTIVATION (mouse button,optional key, colour) you can change how ever you want, try out what is best for you ! The sections, ACTION and ADVANCED OPTIONS, make the same changes as you see in this picture !!


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  6. Firefox users click here

If you need more help for Link Clump, please visit this link at the ALL Coins Page at Facebook, where the Experts will find your questions. :)