Free Charm of Precision and early access to levels with FB credits

Lots of News, King.Com never let us down!

There 20 new levels launched, 10 up north in Coral reef and 10 at the Eternal Isles.

We can not open the new Eternal Isle Levels without a golden ticket. Is there any way of getting the Golden Ticket to unlock Eternal Isles 8 without paying 12 FB coins?

NO, at this point those levels are Pay-To-Play.

You can do the surveys that FB offers to earn FB coins. In my country there are 5 completely free offers. You find the surveys by clicking on the blue button “EARN CREDITS”.

You seldom see me use CAPS, but today I’ll need to. For safety reasons; DO NOT ENTER SURVEYS ANY WHERE ELSE THAN IN THE GAME, TO GET FB COINS. There are actually some legit other ways to earn some coins, but not any surveys AND ALSO REMEMBER, there is NO SUCH THING AS 2000 FREE FB COINS, no matter how many Shares or Surveys you might do.

Maybe the ticket is available somewhere in the Coral Reef? The Coral Reef is located in the north coast and just might be worth exploring! It is available to players that have finished level 155 and get 3 friends to unlock the evil spell.

If you haven’t yet purchased the Charm of Precision, you’ll get ONE level of your choice to try it on. The levels that comes to me right away for using it on would be Eternal Isles 1-10, level 41 or level 65.

Thank you Tina Xu for reporting about the test drive of the Precision Charm!