Eternal Isles Level Index for 9-20

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Eternal Isles 19, screen caps, look for the level guides via the Upper menu. :)

Eternal Isles 20, overviews, look for the menu items in the Upper menu to find the level guides.

Eternal Isles 10-1 by Jorge

Bubbles in cauldron:
Points for 1,2,3 Stars:
75 000, 110 000, 140 000
3 holes in the Ceiling,
Golden spiders, Rainbow Bubbles
None used
Special Bubbles:
Spider Bubbles Bubbles,
Doom Bubbles

Tips/Strategies for Eternal Isles 10-1:

See Picture with diagram below, by  Jorge Valenzuela Melendez.
1. Note the straight line across the picture.  When you reach this point you can see the ceiling.

2. Upper left: Drop these doom bubbles first to clear ceiling.

3. Upper right: Save at least one Rainbow Bubble for the final shot. 

Special Thanks to Patti Frazier-Laundree for compiling this guide and fixing a closeup Pic.

Video by Jorge

Eternal Isles 10 is here

24 HOURS later than expected, but the new Pay Levels are now out for those that have paid the earlier two.

Unfortunately for many players there is nothing new for those that can not purchase the Golden Ticket.

Here is a video for the first Level on Eternal Isles 10.


And here are the links to all the other Youtube videos:

Guides for EI10: