Eternal Isles #2, level 1

Infected columns

Focus on bursting Bubbles in the columns that are infected, before the infection  goes to low.

Starting Bubbles: 40
Recommended Potions:
3+ holes in the ceiling
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star:
85 000, 120 000, 145 000
Special bubbles:
Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles
There are two infections dripping down the bubble columns at level 1 on Eternal Isles 2. The second column from the left side and the last one. (See Pic) You want to cut those viruses short, so shoot to burst away those bubble columns ASAP! If you don’t succeed with that, you hopefully have two RB Bubbles to help you with the task of bursting bubbles above the infections, even if you can not see them.

Here is an awesome video for EI 2-1 by Jorge Valenzuela Melendez, especially made for this post – 2 stars and really skilled gaming!