Eternal Isles 39-5

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles Level 39-5

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Patti Frazier-Laundree
Starting Bubbles: 50 
Recommended Potions: 3 holes in ceiling, Rainbow bubbles 
Charms/Wishes: Precision 
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 85 000, 110 000, 125 000 
Special Bubbles: patti EI 39-5
skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles
Bomb Bubble 2 Bomb Bubbles
Linked Bubble, Special bubble type Linked Bubbles 2 sets 

Pic EI 39-5: Clear up both sides dooms and clear direct path to links.  Continue to clear bubbles as high as possible before hitting links as they will ignite bombs.  You must drop bombs above the dooms before 9 count or patch with another bubble which will cost you spiders.  However, you can regain by hitting smaller clusters before dropping ceiling.

Video 1 star, no charm by

Video by Ronny Bräuer 3 stars, charmed