Eternal Isles 48-9

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles Level 48-9

Picture by   Christine Duczek
Strategy by Ronny Brauer
Starting Bubbles: 60
Recommended Potions: Rainbow Bubble, Extra Bubbles (optional)
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 75.000, 95.000, 120.000
Special Bubbles:
Mystery Bubble, Special bubble type Mystery Bubbles  christine ei 48-9
Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles
Linked Bubble, Special bubble type Linked Bubbles (3 sets)
Bomb Bubble 14 Bomb Bubbles

Pic EI 48-9:   Do not be scared its not as hard it looks :) Remove the bubbles in the middle up to the top so the bubbles above the bombs are not crystallized anymore. Now shoot down the left or right links.   After this you have to remove the bubbles above next to the bombs and drop.  Then do the same on the other side. Now remove the bubbles on the right and left side to reach the ceiling. If you shoot down the yellow links the 4 bombs on the ceiling will be ticking. You can remove the yellow crystal bubbles at the end.
Tip: Do not use 3 holes in the ceiling in this level.
If you have bad luck one of the bombs above begin to tick at the start of the level.

 Video by Christine Duczek 3 stars charms