Eternal Isles 50-7

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles Level 50-7

Picture by Christine Duczek
Strategy by Ronny Bräuer
Starting Bubbles: 35
Recommended Potions: Rainwbow Bubbles, 3 holes in the ceiling, 7 Extra Bubbles
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 40 000, 80 000, 100 000
Special Bubbles:
Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbleschristine ei 50-7
skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles
Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles
Bomb Bubble 2 Bomb Bubbles

Pic EI 50-7:  The best for this level is, when you only try to remove the bubbles on one side first. Remove the bubbles under the infected bubbles on one side and get rid of the bomb. If this is done, try with some bank shots to remove the middle and the other side. When the second side is dropped, the hardest part of this level is done. The only thing that you have to do now is to remove the last bubbles.

 Video 3 star no charm by Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

 Ronny Brauer 3star charmed