Eternal Isles 60-6

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles Level 60-6

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Jo Ellen Hamilton
Starting Bubbles: 40
Recommended Potions: All except 3 holes in ceiling
Charms/Wishes: Precision
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 50 000, 70 000, 90 000
Special Bubbles:
Infected Bubble Infected BubblesEI 60-6
black bubble-is-hard-as-rock Black Bubbles
Obstacle Shadow Bubble Shadow Bubbles
Linked Bubble, Special bubble type Linked Bubbles
Bomb Bubble 8 Bomb Bubbles
Ghost Lock on Chain 2 Lock Bubbles (1 chain)

PIC EI 60-6: You are one row from see the ceiling. Do Not hit the yellow links under the chain. If you do it will ignite a Bomb. Unlock you chain, leaving at least one yellow Link. Once unlocked you will see the row of Bombs and a yellow link sitting above them. On each side of the Link there is a solid row of same color of bubbles. Work your way up clearing the sides without igniting the Bombs. Once you have a clear shot to the line of bubbles sitting above the Bombs on each side of the links you can hit them now. TIP: Great time to use your Rainbow bubble if you need to. Now you can hit your yellow link and all will fall. You will see a row of Pink Bubbles. Hit them and the ceiling will drop

Video 3 star charmed by Ronny Bräuer

Video 3 stars no charms by Clemens Spengler