Breaking news! Candies have gained control over 72 % of Earth

The invasion have started. The candies are ALIVE!

1009906_628532470490429_473415201_nWe first heard whispers and saw hints about the invasion. Then we all the sudden had them wrapped up in a cute game at Facebook, just to rapidly move right on into your mobile devices.

The native beings from a galaxy far far away was on their way to Earth in huge masses and nobody could really tell what their intentions were… Just to be on the safe side most of humanity have taken up the fight against these aliens and crushes as many alien candies as they can.

Rumors tells that the invaders have gained critical posts in all the major countries governments. Their head quarters is in Sweden and in some  parts of the Swedish capital playing with the invading Candies have became the only task worth doing.

As the HQ of the invaders Stockholm (Sweden) even have it’s own team of talented young IT professionals working long hours with Candy Propaganda, just to make the world a more Candy friendly place. Have the Candy Crush Saga team succeeded yet? Is Candy Crush also YOUR first priority now?

We here at Blogging Witches have started a Candy Crush Saga Level Index, maybe some day we can END ‘EM ALL! We have also gathered a few facts about the Candy Crush Saga Boosters, that may or may not help you on your quest to CRUSH ALL ‘EM EVIL CANDIES!

We have found a legit CHEAT to crush all candies and therefor pass ALL LEVELS in Candy Crush Saga, this will be the first time EVER we here at the Blogging Witches can recommend a hack/cheat/training tool that will be 100% working on ALL devices with NO INSTALLATION NEEDED! Bookmark our “Candy Crush Saga is EVIL” Category and check back every day to learn it FIRST when we have been cleared to publish the cheat!

Video proofs that the Candies indeed are taking over the world are straight from the Official Candy Crush Saga Fan Page!

Keep Calm and play Candy Crush Saga!

Noups.. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have the word calm that close to Candy Crush Saga! At least it is very far away from my reality. I know it, you know it… Candy Crush Saga is EVIL! This is the first post in a serie of not that helpful posts about candy crush saga and I simply call it as it is. I LOVE you Candy Crush Saga, but you are still EVIL!

I have no idea when the hash tags started to work as hash tags at Facebook, but now when they do, you can find pretty awesome stuff by people that hash tags the stuff you do too! Done with that little blink most of them are HILARIOUS! I dare you, try out the has tag #fail… ;-)

So now when the hash tags are here I amuse myself from time to time with checking hash tags for the games we love to hate and now I found these hash tags alongside a pic posted by Electra Starr. All of us that have played Candy Crush Saga (a bit too much..? *;-)) can follow this chain thought right from the beginning to the awesome end! Thank you Electra for sharing! <3