Get in-game coins in Bubble Witch Saga at Facebook

[update, August 2012] If you install and connect Bubble Witch Saga to facebook at your iPhone or iPad, you will get 20 000 coins!

  • An efficient way of keeping the coins flow to your game account is to send your friends extra hearts. Just click on the red heart in the left corner of their avatar on the game board or when you are about to play a level. They will get an extra life and probably send you coins (and energy) back!
    • Another way is to keep following your friends feed. People often publish their accomplishments to their wall and you can get up to 500 coin from a click! You can use the link from the menu (named “My wf”) on this site to access your Bubble Witch Saga wall feed. You can read more about the effective usage to gather coins via the wall feed. Here is two pictures to you, so you’ll know what to search for in your feed at facebook.



My good game friend Mark was better than me on level 9, so he posted me free coins while he had the opportunity to brag about his achievement.

  • Level up. You always get coins when you have passed a level. If you play a level again and play it really crappy, you only get 5 coins, but getting tree stars for the first time gives you 100/500 coins.
  • This trick is listed above, about clicking on feed posts, but it is absolutely worth refining:

    You actually can click on your own wall posts to gather in-game coins! :D

  • There is always an option to buy more coins.

Posts for friends to get coins are shown on your wall and in friends wall-feed(if they haven’t blocked them). They doesn’t appear in your own feed, but you can see them on your wall.