OMG, did you SEE?!! Farm Heroes SUPER Saga is now available at FACEBOOK!!!

Farm Heroes SUPER Saga is now available at FACEBOOK!!!

download Farm Heroes Super Saga at Facebook

Remember, water is a cropsie in our Kingdom! (-)

I have been playing Farm Heroes Super Saga with an Android emulator for a while now, and I kinda had the impression that Super Sagha would follow the pattern as mobile-only app at least in the beginning. You can guess how embarrassed I felt this morning, when I stumbled upon the FULL Facebook App for Farm Heroes Super Saga by purer mistake.. And as topping on the bloomer I have to admit that I have no idea whatsoever how long Farm Heroes Super Saga has been available as a FB App.

Playlist lvl 1-40:

I have began to prepare Farm Heroes Super Saga level vids and demo gameplay walkthroughs for Farm Heroes Super Saga in a series of YouTube clips.

I publish my Gameplay as it proceed, so sometimes when I haven’t really figured out a feature yet it can be quite fun to see me play and laugh at how stupid moves still can lead to a 3-star result…

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In my opinion there are some significant differences between the original Farm Heroes Saga and the Super Saga version of Farm Heroes. The two that stands out the most are the way we can obtain tokens to buy boosters with and the Windy Level feature, that we don’t have at all in the older version. At the moment I have played up to Level 60 and I haven’t yet got used to the wind, it takes me y surprise every time the level has the wind feature in, lols!

Click this text to PLAY Farm Heroes Super Saga with your computer NOW at Facebook!

Farm Heroes Super Saga for Android will also be made worldwide available very soon. You can pre-register to get a notification to your phone the very day Farm Heroes Super Saga is available! Pre-register for Farm Heroes Super Saga, Android App at Google PLAY!


Facebook posts malfunctioning 21st Oct 2013

I get notices like “this post can’t made made to wall at the moment, try again in a few minutes”. etc…. and my friends are experiencing the same thing. Tracy used a hashtag at Twitter to find the linked source of information.

As confirmed HERE noone can use FB properly at the moment.

We can still use the feature to pm each other, but that is about the only thing working properly at the moment. The games are playable, but bragging that you cleared out a level can’t be done.

So I guess we all just have to wait to update our Facebook status right now.

Campaign available for 30 free FB Credits to use in any game

There is a promotion campaign going on to get people to verify their payment methods (aka Facebook wants your credit card details and it wants to store them too). So if you haven’t verified your PayPal account or Credit Card on Facebook yet you now will get 30 Facebook Credits for FREE if you do so. Just click here (it is a FB link with the Bubble Witch Saga App ID included) to check if you can use this offer. If you qualify, just go on and fill in the required information. Verifying a PayPal account without a credit card is a bit tricky if I remember right, but doable. Is it worth it? Well… You need to decide what your time is worth. :)

If you aren’t up for the BWS-FB Free Facebook Credits campaign, you’ll get a dull message stating “Promotion Not Available, Sorry, the promotion is currently unavailable.” when entering the Link.

Remember that you probably always want to remove any stored payment methods, READ THIS ARTICLE on WHY and HOW to remove saved payments methods at Facebook.

Open up Apps in the same tab at Facebook [BUG FIXED]

Facebook have changed the behavior!

[edit] I am so used that Facebook changes stuff that I don’t like, so I was like 99% sure that this was here to stay. But it wasn’t, the apps are opening up as before again, so this FIX isn’t needed. But if you need some nerd tips, scroll down to learn 3 different ways to open up links in a new tab by YOUR CHOICE! =)

facebook-messesIsh, I have a lot of tabs open as is, without Facebook forcing me to open up apps (Bubble Witch Saga, Farm heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga etc..) in new tabs. FACEBOOK IS RUDE and apparently insecure as well, since they seem to believe that we don’t come back to the main site from the apps. Pfft!

I learned to  live with the fact that external links leading away from Facebook opens up in a new tab, I have even implemented that very similar behaviour here at my website! But when the apps want new tabs I have to do something about it.

I found this handy little plugin for Chrome that makes Chrome ignore the code Facebook (and this blog) is using to force new tabs on you.

After installing the Chrome Plugin “Death to _blank” I now have all links at all websites opening up in the same window/tab where I currently read.

That meaning whenever I want to use a new tab I use my scroll wheel at the mouse to open up a link in a new tab instead of the left hand button. You can also use the key CTRL while left clicking a link to open up the link in a new tab or right click the link and choose what to do from the options opening up.