Farm Heroes Saga King made this for us Bubblers! PLAY IT!

King wants Bubble Witch Saga Players to match cropsies and become Farm Heroes!

Level-GuideFarmHeroesSagaVideoIndexFor weeks now I have been waiting for Farm Heroes Saga to be launched and Yesterday it finally happened! The match 3 game of 2013 is here. It is much more then I expected. I  knew from the name already that now King is targeting especially Zynga customers and  Bubble Witch Saga players with this game. Like it was quite clear that Papa Pear Saga is going after the large amount of Angry Bird Players this is also obvious.

How to get shovel with magic beans

It is quite well known that many of us bubblers have a past with FarmVille, so giving us a Farm with a club , that yet still not need hourly tending is really smart indeed. The fact that the game will be shown as a suggestion at Facebook and in Google instant whenever someone search for Farmville or FarmVille 2 is ofcourse also well thought through. No special need for marketing there… ;-)

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We Blogging Witches and “Bubble Witch Saga – ALL Coins” get some special attention within Farm Heroes Saga too! :D If you hover your mouse over the violet Booster in Farm heroes Saga, you can see that there is a small “mistake” in the writing, ALL is written with CAPS! As in the Facebook Page name and in the description of this blog! 8)


How cool isn’t that? Go, go, go King, you have bought our affection for this game with that detail. At least for the first 70 levels anyway! :D

PLAY Farm Heroes Saga


Unfortunately there is nothing we can share in the game. At least not yet. I am thinking that the shovel booster and the Magic Beans would be excellent targets for sharing though, who knows, maybe we can start an “ALL Beans” page in the future? ;-)

The cool thing with the Boosters is that you can grow more of them. When you run out of a Booster, it grows back in 18 hours. I haven’t yet checked if this apply to ALL ( ;-) ) Boosters though.


We have Farm Heroes Saga Level guides, some small cheats, tips and tricks about Farm Heroes Saga here at the Blogging Witches’ Website , but we  are as green as you about howto play at the moment. ;-) One thing is certain though, we are in the Farm Club to stay!

You can watch the videos at Youtube, I have been trying to add some details to the titles of the level vids, so you can open up a video about howto hatch a duckling or use a booster or grow a flower etc. Youtube Playlist located at

Farm Heroes Saga on iPad / iPhone / Andoid (mobile devices)

Well… It is PLAYABLE on mobile devices, but not as much fun. Read my review for Farm Heroes Saga on mobile by clicking this.

This is a video of Level 1 – Level 5 of Farm Heroes Saga.

Level 16 in Farm Hero Saga is the first Level where you can get stuck, watch this video and see how I remove cropsies BESIDE the ones that is needed to remove. That way I get more points for those that are needed the next turn!

PLAY Farm Heroes Saga